Living In Serene Neutrals

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It’s no secret that today’s world has taken a left turn into chaos. From the political landscape to our personal lives, it seems like nothing will ever be the same. Now, more than ever, our homes have become a heaven amidst the chaos; a place to recharge before facing the world for another day. What gives a home more rejuvenating power than another? The answer: neutral colors. It may sound simple, but its effect is measurable. A neutral color palette is comforting, timeless, and—perhaps most importantly—easy. 

When it comes to implementing neutral colors, the simplest place to begin is wall color. The wall color goes a long way in establishing the atmosphere in a given space. Most people find that neutral colors usher in a quiet, steady atmosphere—especially colors in the beige family. White tends to invoke a clean, tranquil vibe. Although not commonly used in high doses—i.e. painting all four walls—black can bring a moody coziness to the room.

Aside from creating a calming environment, neutral colors bring an air of elegance. They act as supporting characters in the room; allowing the other design elements to shine. This tasteful balancing act conveys a simple sophistication.

Investing time and money into a space with the notion it will need to be redone in a year does not lead to a serene space. Fortunately, that same essence of sophistication and elegance created by the neutral wall color can also be harnessed to produce a timeless design. By selecting furniture and decor elements that are also neutral, the room will not only be timeless but luxurious. The essentially monochromatic palette delivers the most affordable levels of sophistication

This leads to the final perk of neutral colors—they are EASY! They are the essence of effortlessness. Neutral colors blend seamlessly with each other and don’t require hours of planning and deliberation. They are the perfect canvas for self-expression, allowing one to experiment with new looks without the fear of them looking out of place. Neutral colors and their effect on a space should not be overlooked when designing a room.


     Tammy Newhof is the founder and designer of Windborne Studios. Constantly in search of fresh inspiration and quality materials, Tammy’s eye for brilliant design and lively combinations keep Windborne Studios a leader in the industry.

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