Windborne Studio's Beginning

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     They say the best things in life begin when you least expect it. Our story starts almost twenty years ago, when my husband and I were remodeling our kitchen. We shopped hardware store after hardware store, searching for something unique to fit our personal style for our home. We wanted something that was not already out there, something that really spoke to who we are and our creative personalities. When my husband suggested I turn my passion for glass fusing into hardware for our own kitchen, I got to work. As I made more and more knobs out of glass, I couldn’t decide on just one for our kitchen. So, I made an eclectic array of knobs on our cabinets, each a unique design and experience. 

     When I showed friends and family my kitchen full of knobs, it was suggested that I show them at the International Kitchen and Bath Show. I was apprehensive; the very products I was creating in my home and for my home being displayed in an international exhibition? Within weeks, we created product boards and packed up for Chicago. At the show, we noticed that there was no one else doing what I was doing–handcrafting elaborate cabinet hardware from glass. From that moment on, I knew I couldn’t stop there. My passion for glass fusing as a craft turned to a deep passion for innovating new cabinet hardware through color, pattern, and design.

     Today, our products are sold internationally, the first cabinet hardware of its kind handcrafted by the owner of the company locally. We’re starting this blog to connect with our clientele from around the world, giving insight on what we do, our design methods and inspiration, and how we can design for the unique needs of each home. We love connecting with others in the industry and look forward to working with designers in the future to bring glass cabinet hardware from our kilns to your kitchens!



Tammy Newhof is the founder and designer of Windborne Studios. Constantly in search of fresh inspiration and quality materials, Tammy’s eye for brilliant design and lively combinations keep Windborne Studios a leader in the industry.

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