Fun Things To Create With Glass

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This week I want to talk about the possibilities of our material of choice—glass! As the summer kicks off, we try to find fun creative projects that allow us to try new things! Though we specialize in cabinet hardware, we love to create all kinds of projects as a way to utilize leftover glass and learn more about the material. Using different types of glass, different processes, and for different purposes, glass can be transformed into home decor, jewelry, or statement pieces.

During production, sometimes there are fused parts that do not get sent out for various reasons. Although these parts don’t pass our inspection for hardware, they are unique statements to add to any home. For example, by drilling holes in the glass and tying the parts to string, the unused parts are transformed into tree baubles!

In addition to this, the leftover knobs and pulls can be used to decorate a fairy garden, make a mosaic, or be fused together to form wall art.

Around the holidays, we cut and fused extra sheets of glass into snowflake ornaments and coasters for Christmas gifts for friends. We have even hand painted glass cabinet pulls and transformed them into ornaments.

Some of our production involves powdered glass called frit. In a process called “freeze and fuse”, we are able to mix powder frit with water in a mold, freeze it over night, and pop it in the kiln, which forms solid glass. This method is not only quick and fun, but is an easy way to form glass into whatever shape you want using a silicon mold. Our first ever freeze and fuse was in the shape of a pineapple!

When we have extra sheets of glass in our shop, it is not uncommon for us to paint, glue, and fuse decorative bowls and plates. These can be decorative or functional, and are all created one-of-a-kind, as the glass sheets, frit, confetti glass, and paint used for them come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

When fused at extreme temperatures and in multiple layers, glass can transform from rectangular sheets to wall art for a home. The picture on the left below was transformed through under pressure fusing, a process of stacking multiple layers of glass and weighting it with 50 pounds as it fuses!

The possibilities of glass crafting are endless! Each texture, color, shape, size, and fusing schedule can create a unique statement for any space. By doing these fun projects, we learn just how infinite our capabilities are for our future cabinet hardware.

Stay tuned for our next project with glass: making adjustable rings! They will be sold on our website for some extra summer fun!





Tammy Newhof is the founder and designer of Windborne Studios. Constantly in search of fresh inspiration and quality materials, Tammy’s eye for brilliant design and lively combinations keep Windborne Studios a leader in the industry.

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