Elevate With Color

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     Many of us don’t want our homes to look like every other home; we want an element of ourselves in our design choices. Bold colors can be an effective way to bring personality into design, make any room pop, and make your home unique. There are two ways to bring bold colors into the home. In the first approach, bold colors are used as a main element in the design scheme, such as the color of the walls, cabinets, or doors. In the second approach, bold colors are integrated in the details, such as in cabinet hardware, decorative pillow covers, or art pieces. 

     While it might be exciting to paint walls chartreuse or tangerine, wall color can be much more of a commitment and more permanent of a solution. Instead, use neutral tones or earth tones for wall color and cabinets, and aim for bold colors in cabinet hardware, decorative accents, and small furniture pieces.

     Elevate your home using bold palettes by opting for bold colors in design elements that are interchangeable, such as cabinet hardware or accent pillows. If you read my first blog, you know that my business began with me creating and filling my kitchen cabinets with several different knobs and pulls, each one of a kind, until I found one style that best represented my style and personality.

     Neutral tones or solid hardware did not complete my kitchen; it wasn’t until
I explored color in the small elements (my cabinet hardware) that I felt like my kitchen was complete. And the best part of bold hardware was that, while bold walls would’ve needed to be covered with multiple coats, the hardware could be screwed in and unscrewed within seconds until I knew which completed the kitchen. 

     This is also why we don’t just offer one color of glass, or one finish of metal hardware. Custom hardware allows all of our customers to choose the size, shape, and finish of their hardware to best convey their style within any room in their homes. While our inventory includes various bold choices, we also offer custom consultation and design, where our customers tell us their vision and we cultivate their vision into reality.


Tammy Newhof is the founder and designer of Windborne Studios. Constantly in search of fresh inspiration and quality materials, Tammy’s eye for brilliant design and lively combinations keep Windborne Studios a leader in the industry.

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