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     The most important part of designing or renovating your home is making sure that the end result leaves you comfortable, relaxed, and best of all–at home! Rather than fitting a specific aesthetic or trend of the year, it’s important to fit the user and their personality. When decorating a living space, you should always design to your needs and style–design with YOU in mind! Research aesthetics that best represent your personality. Don’t be afraid of bold palettes, materials, or patterns if they allow you to express yourself! In this blog, I am going to discuss methods to ensure your home doesn’t get lost in short-term trends and cliche aesthetics.

Favorite Colors

     One method of adding personality to the home is to incorporate your favorite colors in the overall palette for the home–even if your favorites are bold! I am convinced that there is a way to integrate any color into the home while still providing a sense of comfort. Bold colors can be paired with others that compliment them, as well as with neutral tones that make the bold color the main focus of the home. If you are not sure of which colors compliment colors like electric blue or magenta, use a palette generator or Pinterest to gain inspiration. Online palette generators are often free and allow the user to create color schemes based on every color. One of our favorites is Coolors, which is free and easy to use. Even the brightest yellows and the deepest purples can be complemented by neutral or earthy tones to make the home come alive.

DIY Decor

     If you are a creator at heart, pick up your paint brushes, drills, and sanders! DIY wall art can be an easy, inexpensive, signature element for your home. If DIY is intimidating to you, start simple–a few brush strokes on a big canvas can even be a statement in a minimalist design! Pinterest has some great tutorials for DIY home art. Above is glass that we fused under pressure and framed for a friend’s home. We explain this in more depth in our blog “Fun Things To Create With Glass”. There’s nothing more “you” than your art expression on the walls!

Focal Points

Everyone has their favorite spaces to kick their feet up after a long day, drink their morning coffee, or read a bestselling book. Create focal points in these spaces to connect the rest of your home to your most frequented and favorite spots. Not only does this make the entire space interconnected, but draws the eye to the space, fabricating these spots as the highlights of the home. Focal points can use elements such as a unique furniture piece, a breakfast nook, bold patterns, or painting techniques.

Mementos as Statements

Tying sentimental pieces into the overall design is one of the best ways to make a house feel like home. Although the souvenirs from your family vacation in 2008 or the generations-old lamp might feel outdated or not your style, you can still use these pieces as statements in the overall design depending on the purpose of the room and your design preferences. Some examples of mementos that can be used to accent the home are your preserved bridal bouquet, canvas prints of the family, or even glassware passed down for generations. Whether they are used as the focal point or as a subtle element complimenting the overall design, there’s nothing better in your home than little reminders of the people you love and the places that you’ve been.

Handcrafted/Custom Products

Next time you are shopping for furniture and hardware, deviate from mass produced products and find locally sourced, handcrafted, or custom pieces for your home! Sure, the cabinet from

the department store is easy to put together and affordable, but one-of-a-kind pieces tell stories and are often timeless. Opt for shopping at the local flea market, or businesses that create their home products by hand. If you would like to chat with us regarding custom hardware, visit our Custom Work page.

We love working with our customers to handcraft custom hardware that best fits their personalities. There’s no better way to capture the user’s personality than involving them in the design process! The possibilities of custom hardware are endless, and with handcrafting, products are unique, detailed, and perfected to a much higher standard than average department store hardware.


   Tammy Newhof is the founder and designer of Windborne Studios. Constantly in search of fresh inspiration and quality materials, Tammy’s eye for brilliant design and lively combinations keep Windborne Studios a leader in the industry.

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